Friday, March 03, 2006

good encouragement

i recently found a calendar that i used to have on my desk. i hadn't seen it in almost 2 years. i'm not sure where i got it. it is a quote calendar that can be used year after year. the quotes are by Mother Theresa.

recently i have felt overwhelmed at work. last weekend God moved in a very intense way. this is what i've been praying for. abut then when it happened and now all of these students are looking to me to help them process and realize that YES! God is real. this week i had been feeling like there was something i had to, some scene i had to create. thank God for good friends. several people have helped me stop. and then i find this calendar and flip it open to today's reading.

The work we do is only a means and not an end in itself. No matter how beautiful the work may be, it is still just a simple means. After all, what matters is to belong to Jesus. The work we do is our love for Christ transformed into deeds.

Praise the Lord. No matter what I do, I still belong to him.