Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Your Mama

Your mom would probably even say your turd is somehow artistic- perfect for a coffee table book on crap- perfectly formed and somehow beautiful.

I can understand this now.

I am blinded by my daughter's brilliance. I know she will never be perfect, she will have flaws, there will be people who do not like her (even though I will not understand why), she will fail at times, and she probably won't be good at everything (but most likely she will good be at almost everything), but she is perfect for me. We coexist in a way I had never understood before. We abide in one another.

And therefore, I am the mother that took a picture of her first turd and text messaged it to my sister.

And therefore, I'm pretty sure every macaroni necklace, drawing of a tree (oh! so that's what that is!), finger painting, made-up song about a purple giraffe, belch, lost soccer game, botched dance recital, silly story...will be precious to me.

And therefore, I will probably tell her she could sell her macaroni necklaces, publish her stories, be the world's best tone-deaf musician, dance for the president, and sell that coffee table book with her first turd on the cover- all before the age of 5.

Friday, August 01, 2008

8 Months

It's been another busy month for the baby girl hence the copious amount of photos this time!

We took a mini-vacation to Mexico Beach (Thanks Kennedys!), where Zola LOVED the water and playing in the sand...and Grant and I LOVED the relaxation.

Then Zola and I left Grant at home (so sad) and hopped on a flight to Pittsburgh for 11 days. We played with grandparents and Aunt Stevie for a few days and then drove to my Nana's house for the weekend for a Setliff family reunion. Zola loved playing with her cousins and hanging out with her Great-Nana and aunts and uncles. Then we drove back to Pittsburgh for the rest of our time and even got to spend a night with our Smith friends, Emily and Elora! Zola was so excited to see her friend again. (So was I!)

Anyway, we made it back to Tallahassee where Grant was waiting (pacing until our return is more like it!). When we got to the house Zola and I discovered a brand new orange kitchen, where all the dishes were clean, a new kick plate on the front door and new shelves in the freshly painted utility closet. Grant says he never wants us to go away without him ever again...but if he stays that busy I don't know... :) He couldn't believe that she came back with her first tooth! Babies change so fast...

So now we're all at home trying to catch up on rest and enoy the rest of the summer. And we hope you are doing the same!

Emily and Grant and Zola

alien baby
wooden spoon drumming
aunt stevie is weird
box car
can i eat it?


8 Months- Continued

aunt hayley kisses
4 generations
david reads to zola
me and my nana
daddy's home
publix balloon

Mexico Beach