Monday, February 25, 2008

26 Things

My friend Beth started this game and it's been continued by my friends Emily S. and Elizabeth I'm joining the club.

26 things to do before I turn 26 (January 31, 2009):

1. host a dinner party (with invitations and multiple courses)
2. throw a tie-dye party in my backyard
3. try a star fruit
4. make necklaces for the midwives (and students) that took care of me while I was pregant
5. finish writing "school for weirdos"
6. send "school for weirdos" to a publisher(s?)
7. go to Aveda and have elizabeth dye my hair all funky (to be done after my sister's wedding)
8. bake a souffle
9. scrapbook our wedding
10. scrapbook our honeymoon
11. sell princessgranola designs in a show in tallahassee
12. go on a beach picnic with grant and zola
13. re-paint our kitchen orange
14. stamp the walls in the downstairs bathroom
15. make ice cream cone cupcakes
16. hang artwork all over our house
17. make a photo collage wall in our house
18. read "the lovely bones" by alice sebold
19. make snaptees for my friend's kids (and zola)
20. send birth announcements
21. make zola an outfit from scratch
22. eat a meal at ReangThai
23. tour the capitol building
24. finish setting up zola's room (and paint it pink!)
25. see "gone with the wind"
26. go to a play/musical at the quincy music theatre

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Thursday

happy day o'love people.

i love holidays. but what i love more than the holiday itself is always the day after. when the people you are closest too are still there and there is no hallmark reason for extra affection or lovey-dovey googly-eyed looks, but the momentum from the celebration is tipping over and settling in and it's more about the quiet love.

here are some shots i took of z last week. my mom found this princess costume after halloween on the cheap and i figured it would make a great valentine's shot for g- 'to dad, love your little princess'

and since he never reads my blog i can post them on here before he gets his framed photos at dinner tonight.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Smiley Girl

This is a sweet picture my friend, Emily, took of my daughter, Zola. We were chilling out at Goodwood (the grounds of a really old mansion turned museum here in Tallahassee) Emily and I met when we were both pregnant last summer. Her daughter, Elora, is 8 weeks older than Zola.