Thursday, November 11, 2004


naps are so fantastic. i took one today. 2 hours. i have been so tired recently. i realized that last week i worked 28 hours. but i get paid for 20. and i'm taking 5 classes this semester. it is a good thing that i love my job.

okay. back to cooking dinner.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

baby fever

some friends of ours became parents for the first time on saturday. katherine lindsay was born on saturday, november 6 at 1:30. 6lbs11oz 20inches- and incredibly adorable! grant and i went to see them in the hospital on sunday. she was so precious i just wanted to cuddle her all day. grant didn't even want to put her down. what is it about the sight of a grown man holding a tiny newborn that is so beautiful? he was so good with her. he is going to be a great father one day.

we actually had a HUGE discussion about kids this weekend. sometimes i feel like i am so ready. i look on adoption websites all the time checking out the policies and looking at the kids ready for adoption. most organizations require that both adopting parents be at least 25 and if you want to adopt from china (which i do) you both must be between 30 and 52 and your ages added cannot go over 104. i know that we will know when God calls us to follow that path, i just wish my maternal instincts weren't shouting so loud.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

defensive tactics

grant and i went to bed not talking to eachother last night. it was so stupid too. we had been joking around all night practicing defensive tactics on eachother as we often love to do. and then suddenly the trash talk got too serious and i told him to shut up and then he told me i had just bought myself a whole night of silence. and that was the end. we brushed our teeth and went to sleep. at least tried. i can never sleep if i can't at least touch him. this morning we both stumbled blindly into the bathroom at the same time, saw eachother in the mirror and started laughing. we are such idiots. sometimes the frustration of living here really gets to us and we take it out on each other.
it's sad because i kind of like it here. i have a job that i love. a job that changes as much as i do and that has so much room to grow. i'm finishing school. not that i love school but i love being challenged. it makes me feel smart, which makes me feel good. it isn't cold here. we live 10 minutes from the beach.
but grant really doesn't like it at all. the traffic sucks. there are so many people that it's hard to be alone, but we tend to constantly feel lonely because we don't have many friends. it is hot as a griddle every single day. it rains so randomly all the time. our rent is twice as much as in tallahassee. groceries cost more. both of our families live far away. the public schools are not so good so raising kids here is not an option.
so what do we do? we have to be here almost 2 more years. i am definitely in favor of optimism.