Friday, November 28, 2008

Post-Holiday Joyousness

I love the day after a holiday. No one has to cook because there are so many leftovers. And the shopping deals are fabulous if you venture out. And everyone is smiling in their sweet potato induced food coma.

Oh, and you can eat pumpkin pie for breakfast.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


We're back to obsessing about sleep again. Or the lack thereof.

I have recently begun the night-weaning process and we've gone from Zola nursing 6-8 times to only once or twice per night. Amazing. Plus she was going down each night so easily... we followed our routine and I could put her down awake with no problems.

But (isn't there always one of these?)...

the last 3 days have been rough. She's still only nursing once at night but she's been restless and not wanting to go to bed. Crying and then going to sleep for less than five minutes before waking up and crying again. And she won't let me leave her room. She will snuggle into her bed and I will think she's asleep, wait a few minutes, but as soon as I put one foot out the door she's sitting up, wide awake, crying. This has been happening in the middle of the night too... one night she was up off and on for 2.5 hours.

And the napping has been just as bad. She'll sleep for 20-30 minutes and then not want to go back to sleep. A couple of times I've been able to hold her and she'll doze for a bit longer.

I'm exhausted. And going crazy with the lack of personal time.

She did this around 10 months... I remember the restlessness- that's what led to the 6-8 nursings at night... I'm hoping we don't go down that path again.

I think it's a growth spurt... she's been looking really chunky lately (more so than usual, that is) and that's what happens right before we notice she's gotten taller. She's also becoming more agile- climbing, walking faster, etc. And her vocabulary has been expanding at a rapid rate... All things that lead to restlessness and clinginess.

On the brighter side- Zola has been so good at playing by herself recently. She will wonder off and find her toys or more often her books and entertain herself for 40 minutes at a time at least once and sometimes twice a day. It's been fun to watch her imagination at work and especially fun to hear her singsong voice as she reads to herself.

After the Low-Country Shrimp Boil Party on Amelia Island

Monday, November 17, 2008

Zola Turns ONE!

Well Bugga...yesterday was your first birthday. Yep. In one day you went from being months old to being an entire year old. 365 days. Your dad and I keep wondering what we did before we had you. Especially now that you're walking... you keep us busy every second of the day.

We had a fun time yesterday... a small party with our close-by family and a couple of our friends... cake and ice cream... snacks and presents. Oh and lots and lots of balloons.

You and your dad like to make funny faces.

In fact ever since you woke up from your nap yesterday afternoon and came downstairs to see the many balloons tied to chairs and the banister and your highchair and your changing table... you have run around pointing and letting us know about all of the "baaallloooons!!" I think it's your new favorite word... along with puppy and uh-oh, of course.

And speaking of cake... you didn't put your face in it like some kids (myself included, just ask your Gma about it) but you did stick your finger in the middle of a flower. Your Grandpa Buddy was standing by very excited- he would touch your arm and encourage you grab the cake but you held back and took your own time and eventually you did end up with the essential bits of icing smeared across your face and up your arm.
You were also very keen on sharing your cake with everyone. I'm pretty sure most of the people in the room licked some sugary goodness off your fingers.

So your first birthday is over but I've been told this happens every year.
As I watched you today you actually seemed older. Those four (!) upper teeth are helping out with that. And your walking is less 'frankensteiny' and your vocabulary is expanding and your play-time is more imaginative and you sit and ask us to read for longer and longer periods of time and you are starting to assert your independence in not always wanting to be carried and in deciding for yourself what you will or will not eat... you are growing up. And your parents just don't know how much more of this they can take.
The other day you said "I love you Dada." That was the first sentence you put together yourself. Your father melted. Keep it up and he might actually buy you a car for your sixteenth.
I love you baby girl.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


It's been a couple of weeks since my last post... being that my husband is a founding (and currently only) member of HAB I can now tell you that we've been out of town. We spent last week in Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island just outside of Jacksonville... and it was FABULOUS.

Grant had another training class so Zola and I spent our days strolling around the island, swinging a park, walking around the marina and getting diet cokes at a very cool local restaurant- T.Rays (well, that one was just me). If you are ever looking for a vacation spot in Florida, Amelia Island would be a great choice. There are tons of great shops and restaurants and you can walk from one side (intercoastal waterway) with the marina and ships to the other side (beach!). And we also totally reccommend our hotel.

We got back last night and spent today unpacking and cleaning up around the house (well..Grant spent the day doing laundry and then watching the Gator game) because tomorrow is ZOLA'S FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

I can't believe the baby that was trying to kick her way out of my stomach at this time last year is already turning one. We're having a little bitty party for her tomorrow and hopefully I'll get some pictures up next week.

On another note I made a really fun dinner tonight. Publix was not on our list of things to do today so I had to make-do with what I had on hand and I must tell you it turned out pretty tasty. Last week Grant's favorite salad dressing was on sale- BOGO- but they only had 5 on the shelf so I had to add one more to make the sale so I picked up a bottle of Kraft Italian Pesto Dressing and Marinade b/c I thought it looked like it might be good... Tonight I boiled some frozen chicken legs, warmed up some peas, sauteed a tomato and tossed it all with the dressing and a bag of these fat little football-shaped pastas. And b/c we love cheese we added a bit of parmesean- bravo to myself. Maybe you want to come over for leftovers tomorrow. :)