Sunday, May 18, 2008

This Week for Dinner

One of my favorite blogs to peruse in my spare time is This Week For Dinner. Jane has inspired me to start planning ahead...making fresh...being more prepared. I've been at it for several weeks now and it's going great!

To further encourage myself to continue weekly meal planning I'm going to post my lists on this blog- along with recipes and perhaps an occasional picture. So go on over to TWFD to see what Jane and others (in the comments) have on deck and then come back here for my personal menus. Bon Appetit!

It's too hard for me to put meals on exact days because our schedule can ramble according friends in town or super exhausting each week I usually plan for 3-4 meals (and leftovers) and then just cook whatever will expire first and so on. If the week goes by and we miss something it's usually something I can either freeze the ingredients for or carry over for next week.

This week:
- Sausage, Corn and Potato Chowder
Breakfast sausage (browned), Drained canned corn, potatoes (peeled, chopped, slightly microwaved), evaporated milk - mix in a large pot, add salt, pepper, garlic, simmer until thickened

- Panko and Coconut Salmon, green beans, whole wheat cheese tortellini with pesto

- Italian sausage, rice, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms

That's a lot of sausage this week...but so it goes when your in-laws go out of town for two weeks and empty out their refrigerator into yours.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


I'm tired of reading stuff that tells me how to be a parent. I'm tired of reading one thing that says to let the baby cry it out at night...and then another that says if you do that it will scar her for life... I just want to be a confident parent.... go with my gut... love on my daughter.