Thursday, January 28, 2010


so the husband of mine decided to start a blog. good for him, i say. now my question is, is he doing it to spur me on in my writing, a 'hey, this is easy. why aren't you doing it more?', or is it really just for fun as he says...?

regardless of his reason it does make me feel like i should write more- here on my blog and on my literature stuff in general. thanks husband.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


one goal for this year: not to read any parenting books. to just go with the flow for niva and let her lead. do not be obsessed with what developmental stage she 'should' be in. just be on the lookout for anything odd but otherwise, enjoy her. :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Would you like a side of urine with that?

Zola started potty-training last week. We've had a little potty in the bathroom for a long time and she has sat on it occassionally and used it a handful of times. We have constantly encouraged her to use it and have read books, watched movies and sung songs about going potty. But she never seemed very interested.

Then suddenly she asked to wear her panties one day and she stayed dry the whole day- running to the potty when she needed to go. Amazing. So it's been a little over a week now and she's still wearing panties most of the time. We average 2-3 accidents per day. And she's starting to try to go more each time so she doesn't go back and forth for small amounts. The first few days she was peeing 12 or more times a day. That was crazy. She seems to be saving it up more now and only going a handful of times.

She's pooping on the potty too. She's been nervous about pooping for a few months now...needing me to hug her or sing our poo-poo song before she can relax and let it go. That has translated into lots of back and forth to the potty without going and jumping up and down and sometimes even asking for a diaper before she relaxes and lets herself go.

The amount of urine we've all over the house is astounding. When she has an accident she really makes it count. She starts peeing and then she walks and keeps peeing until it's from one side of the room to the other. oh my.

She did so well going potty last week that we took her to Target on Saturday and she picked out lots of new big-girl panties- elmo, abby caddabby, hello kitty, flowers, owls and deer, plain colors. Sometimes I think she has an accident just so she can try out a new pair.

Most exciting for us is not having to clean adult sized poo out of a diaper! wahoo!