Wednesday, October 06, 2004


so grant and i bought a new car last night. i was on my way to school yesterday and callie the cavie just died in an intersection. i eventually got her started again but by then grant was done with me driving this unreliable in the middle of miami so now we are the proud new parents of a honda civic ls. .. very nice machine. i'm pretty sure it's a girl but i'm still waiting for a bit more personality to show...then we will decide on a name. it was an awesome blessing to get the payments down to something we can afford... just barely, but we can. we haven't been saving as much money as we thought we would by now but we see that God is totally giving us just what we need and no more... as soon as we save some up we get stuck with an unexpected bill or something... reminds us of manna in the dessert. don't save up more than you need or it will just rot. yeah, definitely rotting here.

i got a b+ on my harry potter paper... not bad but not what i was going for obviously. gives me some room to improve i guess.

holy crap. my sister is going to be 18 in like 13 days. i can't handle it. i can't even imagine what it will be like to be a parent and watching my kids grow up... now when stevie turns 18 i probably will freak out.

my aunt misti had a baby last night! at 5:08 PM little (7.1 lbs., 21inches) David William Presley made his first appearance to the world. they are both doing fine and my family is ecstatic!

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