Tuesday, March 08, 2005

W ait In G

I'm sitting here waiting for a 7pm meeting. being as i live an hour or more away from work it just doesn't make sense to go all the way home after my 2pm class only to return an hour-ish later. So i am waiting. I have decided that i am not very good at waiting. as i wait my mind
tends to
wander around
i always plan
to get lots o f thIng s
but for some
reason it seems like a
better idea to
read articles on
or check on my
american idol
i could be;
planning for wildlife on sunday

planning for superheroes in 2 weeks
reading 'ruth hall' for class

reading 'big money' for another class

reading 'lousianna power and light' for fun
reading 'the lie that tells a truth' for fun

talking to beth or brynn or ana, (whatever her name is) my newest character who has just found out she has breast cancer and isn't sure how or when to tell her husband and i'm still not completely sure why he wasn't with her when she found out

but no, i'm just sitting

wasting time.

and loving it.

1 comment:

the holly said...

waste away, my friend. you crack me up.

peace to you!