Monday, December 05, 2005

hola compadres.

so i haven't posted in about 2 months. i think i just went through this obnoxious, 'i want to feel sorry for myself' cycle. no one was commenting on my blog. sigh. will i ever be able to just get over myself? and not worry about what other people are thinking about me?

i'm probably only writing now because procrastination seems like the best option when i have 2 papers, 2 finals and other various things coming up in the next two weeks. sigh. again.

so now i will take a page off of my sister's xanga. a list of comments to people, without using names, but you will all probably know who you are.

- you are amazing. and i love you more than any other person in my life. even when you feel like i am not appreciating you, i am. sometimes i wonder how one person can have so much patience.

- i know you used to think i was the devil; but i cannot tell you how blessed i am to finally be your friend. i wasted a lot of years. i'm so sorry.

- you are growing up so fast. i know life can be so frustrating right now, but i love you. And even more, so does God. you are beautiful and precious.

- sometimes you drive me crazy. literally. after spending time with you i seriously have to re-align my thought processes that remind of my goodness.

- welcome to the family dork.

- thank you for being able to have difficult discussions. and for loving me even when we only talk every few weeks. see you soon.

- i am so glad you moved to florida. just knowing that you are only a few hours away, and that if i need to just be around someone who has known me for a long time, is a comforting thought.

- you make my stomach hurt. i get mad at you, but then i realize that you don't even know who you are. stop acting. be real for one freaking time. grow up.

- thank you for still being the voice in my head most days. good or bad, at least you are there.

- thank you for creating me and loving me more than i can love myself. thank you for putting all of these people in my life. for better or worse, they have made me who i am and i think i'm pretty cool (mostly.).

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