Friday, February 03, 2006

take me down to the paradise city...

i hate that i neglect this blog so often. poor little blog.

i love my job. i seriously just spent 20 minutes duct-taping 24 rolls of toilet paper.

STEELERS, WAHOO!!! Enough said. If you want to hear a great song look at this- Emily's MySpace

I had my first MRI last weekend. At the beginning of November I was running around with a bunch of 4th and 5th graders and I twisted my ankle. It just felt like how sometimes when you are just walking you twist your ankle and it smarts for a few seconds but you just shake it out and keep going. Well I shook it out, but the pain stayed. It continued swelling and hurting for the next month. I finally saw doctor in December- hairline fracture and bad sprain. I had an aircast for a few weeks (no crutches, thank God). But still it swells and gives me pain.

Then the MRI. Looks like I have some pretty bad damage to my tendons around my inner ankle bone on my right foot. I have to see a specialist- who my doctor said will probably immobalize it for a while... that means I might be hobbling on crutches during our spring retreat. oh crap. at least maybe it will heal so I can stop walking like a rapper.

Speaking of the retreat- time is closing in... I'm starting to be a bit stressed. So much to do... especially b/c of frustrations between the church and school here. please pray that relationships would stay intact. and that I can hold my tongue as needed.

I am going to be a college graduate in 12 weeks. Wow.

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