Tuesday, June 20, 2006

floating hot pink feathers

the title of this post pay homage to a post by my dear friend holly. she posted about a day at the beach with her beautiful daughter. floating feathers seems like time slows.

time has just slowed down majorly for grant and i.

on our way home from clemson, sc on sunday we realized that we had not been alone in three weeks.

first was the wedding of my uncle in ohio. so much fun! we all dressed up as doughboys at the reception. then we were in ky with my family hanging out. a day trip to wv to see my new gorgeous cousin, aidan and of course his big brother, david.

then back to miami with my youngest sister in tow for a week complete with vacation bible school and a middle school lock-in. after that the three of us re-packed our bags and headed for tybee island, ga. where we dropped stevie off and spent one night before heading to clemson.

then a week in clemson because grant's best friend, ken, was getting married to this totally amazing woman named nell. we did some pre-wedding white water rafting and luncheons and dinners and errands.

they tied the knot on saturday and we drove back to miami on sunday in a record 11.5 hours.


yesterday i just didn't know what to do with myself.

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Anonymous said...

you should breath.