Monday, March 03, 2008

Late night musings...

I always think of great things to blog about as I'm falling asleep at night... and then promptly forget them as I drift off... with no hope of remembrance in the morning. Oh well.

Today, babygirl and I sat out on our back porch for a long time. The weather has been gorgeous here the last few days. She loves to hear the birds. We had to enjoy being outside before we go to Pittsburgh this Friday- where my parents are shoveling snow off the driveway. oy.

Zola's been laughing more and more. This weekend we were rolling up ribbons that had come undone in the move and when I held up a particular piece of pink grosgrain she cracked up. I held it up over and over again and even called my mom on speakerphone...that child must have laughed for at least 20 was hilarious! totally made my day.

I took a pregancy test today. I thought I had had a period in January but it's been two months without another. And I know that breastfeeding typically means no periods or random periods, but usually without ovulation. And I know after having a baby a woman's cycle can be crazy for a while... but I also know it happens... Anway, it was negative. We expected to be relieved (and we are) but we are also kind of sad... we love Z so much that we would love to have another... and to have one so close in age to her would be fun. But- for the record- we are not trying.


Stacey said...

hey emily,
thanks for commenting on my blog. your daughter is beautiful. i hope all is well for you!

Veef said...

That was one intense trip.