Thursday, May 01, 2008


I'm tired of reading stuff that tells me how to be a parent. I'm tired of reading one thing that says to let the baby cry it out at night...and then another that says if you do that it will scar her for life... I just want to be a confident parent.... go with my gut... love on my daughter.


These Crook's said...

I totally agree!! Everything contradicts everything else. I am always up for trying stuff but in the end I am going to do what feels best for us!! We can't screw them up too bad at this age...can we? haha

Rebeca said...

Forget all of that stuff! I just followed my heart and it's really worked out. If Adrian, now 15 years old, cried, I knew there was a reason: wet, hungry, hurt, etc. Why would I let him cry through that? I also let him sleep with me, particularly when his asthma acted up. He always went back to his room because he loved it there, too. In the end I have a very well adjusted teenager who is an "A" student, a state and national winning rower on his school's crew team, and a loving son who's very involved in church and his youth group. The best son a mom could ever want! I disregarded all the well-intentioned writers and simply gave my son love.