Monday, November 17, 2008

Zola Turns ONE!

Well Bugga...yesterday was your first birthday. Yep. In one day you went from being months old to being an entire year old. 365 days. Your dad and I keep wondering what we did before we had you. Especially now that you're walking... you keep us busy every second of the day.

We had a fun time yesterday... a small party with our close-by family and a couple of our friends... cake and ice cream... snacks and presents. Oh and lots and lots of balloons.

You and your dad like to make funny faces.

In fact ever since you woke up from your nap yesterday afternoon and came downstairs to see the many balloons tied to chairs and the banister and your highchair and your changing table... you have run around pointing and letting us know about all of the "baaallloooons!!" I think it's your new favorite word... along with puppy and uh-oh, of course.

And speaking of cake... you didn't put your face in it like some kids (myself included, just ask your Gma about it) but you did stick your finger in the middle of a flower. Your Grandpa Buddy was standing by very excited- he would touch your arm and encourage you grab the cake but you held back and took your own time and eventually you did end up with the essential bits of icing smeared across your face and up your arm.
You were also very keen on sharing your cake with everyone. I'm pretty sure most of the people in the room licked some sugary goodness off your fingers.

So your first birthday is over but I've been told this happens every year.
As I watched you today you actually seemed older. Those four (!) upper teeth are helping out with that. And your walking is less 'frankensteiny' and your vocabulary is expanding and your play-time is more imaginative and you sit and ask us to read for longer and longer periods of time and you are starting to assert your independence in not always wanting to be carried and in deciding for yourself what you will or will not eat... you are growing up. And your parents just don't know how much more of this they can take.
The other day you said "I love you Dada." That was the first sentence you put together yourself. Your father melted. Keep it up and he might actually buy you a car for your sixteenth.
I love you baby girl.

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Renee said...

Happy Birthday, Zola! Congrats on surviving the first year (you too, parents).

Wow, she said "I love you Dada"?! Alisa just said that the other day for the 1st time and she's 19 months old. She just started saying short sentences like that in the past couple of weeks. It's interesting how kids develop according to their own time tables...each one is unique.