Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Night-time Prayers

The last part of Zola's bed-time routine goes a little something like this... We're rocking in her room and she's nursing, the lights are off and we say our prayers...

Me: Now I lay me... (and the rest of it)

Zola: Amen (she stops nursing for her part)

Me: And what are we thankful for today?

Zola: Dada

Me: I'm thankful for dada too. I'm thankful for the way he (insert something great grant did that day). What else are we thankful for?

Zola: (still nursing)

Me: I'm thankful for (insert whatever happened that day)

Zola: Mama

Me: Oh, so you're thankful for mama too? Well I'm thankful for you. I love you very much.

Zola: (continues nursing)

Me: Guide us as we wake, O Lord and guard us as we sleep. So that awake we may watch with Christ and asleep we may rest in peace.

Zola: Peas? mmmm.... (lip-smacking)

Me: Let's pray for our sleep tonight. (I continue to pray for the night, good sleep, etc. at some point I usually say the word Jesus)

Zola: Cheese?

Me: No. I said Jesus.

Zola: Cheese...mmmm.... (lip-smacking)

Me: All done?

Zola: Done. Blankie? Bunny?

Then we snuggle with blankie and bunny for a few minutes before I put her in the crib and she gets comfortable and goes to sleep.

What a fun way to end the day.


Renee said...

How cute, precious and all that!

HugandRelease said...

Priceless! Very cute.This is what I was told by my three year old today.."Mom, shut the door! I'm gonna poop and wipe by myself today!" you just don't have time to prepare for comments like these! LOL!