Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Zola turns 3!!!!!

My firstborn turned three today! I'm so excited for her because I remember how fun it was to turn another year older when I was a kid... but it's bittersweet because it's going so fast! Where did my little baby go!?!
Here are some photos from our great day:
Rock and Roll Face

Checking For Rain

Sweet Smiley Girl

Curious George Birthday Dress

3 Years Old!
She's having a Curious George themed birthday party on Saturday. He's a current favorite around here. I found this piece of Curious George fabric in the remnant bin at Joann's a couple months ago and took a while figuring out what to make. I've made her jumpers in the past but they haven't turned out well. But I've been seeing a lot of tutorials on blogs about shirring so I gave it a try and I am so pleased with the result! She LOVED her dress and I'm hoping it's big enough for her to wear for a while.
Some things Zola likes right now:
Movies!: Wizard of Oz, FernGully, Madeleine, Matilda, Curious George, Parent Trap, Nemo, Alice in Wonderland
Music of all kinds. She loves to sing and makes up songs and inserts silly words into songs she knows. She knows most of the score from the Sound of Music but hasn't seen it yet. She also likes to play instruments. We think she's pretty good at catching on to songs and staying in tune when she sings. She has a good ear and has started occassionally speaking in a British accent because of Parent Trap.
Dora the Explorer, Curious George..those are her favorite characters of the moment. But she's been really into SuperWhy this year...I think she got tired of all the repeating shows but she'll watch when it's a new one.
She likes villains...the black oil in FernGully, all the witches and giants...she thinks it's fun and she really enjoyed Halloween this year!
She's still into dance. She isn't taking a dance class this year because she's in preschool instead. But we checked out some dance DVDs from the library a few weeks ago and she enjoyed participating with the dancers on the screen.
Foods: spaghetti, pizza, bread and butter, grapes, apples, bananas, oranges, any kind of fruit, bunnies and goldfish, cheerios, yogurt.
She used to love vegetables and she'll eat them now most of the time but not with the same gusto. She still doesn't eat meat.
She's still good about trying everything we serve her and will swallow it even if she doesn't like it. But her menus are shrinking...we'll keep working on it though.
Her vocabularly is constantly exploding. She loves to add new words and she likes knowing multiple words for the same thing...like a little thesaurus. And she's starting to be curious about reading. We won't push her but we will encourage and point out words and letter sounds. Numbers are a whole other ballgame though...she can count but she's never gotten past 10. She knows bigger numbers but she doesn't care. And number recognition is not something she enjoys. She knows upper and lower case letters and loves doing word worksheets but when we give her one on numbers she finds shapes to color in or checks out the letters in the instructions. Not sure how to encourage numbers when it's not our favorite subject either. Books abound in our house and we read all the time.
She finally FINALLY FINALLY sleeps ALL NIGHT LONG. 11-12 hours most nights. This has just happened in the last few months. And there are still nights when she wakes up and wants one of us to come hug her or something. She still naps about every other day. And on the days she doesn't nap we make her rest in her bed with books for about an hour.
Zola loves preschool. She's in a Tuesday/Thursday morning program with other 2 year olds. It was a slow start because she was sick off and on for a while and we did some traveling but we're in the routine now. We think it's good for her to have that time on her own. And it's good for Niva to have some one-on-one attention.
She also really likes to dress-up. She loves her costume box and she changes her clothes at least once a day. And she has her own style. Sometimes I lay out outfits that match so she has a few to choose from and she'll pick one thing from one outfit and one thing from another. I've been taking lots of pictures to show her when she's older.

She loves her little sister but still has jealousy issues and fights for our attention. That's hard to see. She does try to take care of Niva a lot and gets frustrated when I insist she's beeing too rough. Niva is starting to communicate better though so that helps.
OH! Art! Zola draws dozens of pictures every week and loves to ask Grant to take them to work. She prefers plain white paper over coloring books.
I love you Zola!!!

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