Saturday, June 25, 2011

SIMPLE means...

less clutter. less stuff. less dishes to do. less toys to pick up. less laundry. less cleaning. less stuff falling out of the closet when we open it. less commitment. less fighting about it all.

more time to play! more time to rest! more time to relax! more room in my brain! more time to create! deeper relationships! more time for love!

There are posts on this blog that I've been meaning to follow-up on... there is another blog I started writing for then slowed waaaayyy down because of time... I have a long list of craft projects and homeschool projects I'd love to do for myself and with my girls. I would love to open this etsy shop I keep talking about.

This is very scary for me. But it is time. Time to make goals. Time to get rid of stuff. Time to lessen my emotional attachments to objects- just writing that statement makes my eyes tear up..oh my..

But what I love most in life is spending time with my family. And all of this stuff is taking up way too much time.

Deep Breath.

Goal #1
Toy overhaul.
:: To be completed this week.

With or without Zola and Niva's help. I am going to get rid of toys. I will assess what they actually play with and take out the rest.

I feel like right now they have so much stuff in such a small space that they don't play with most of it because they can't get to it.

I keep a lot of things out of emotion. Because someone special bought it or I have a good memory of the object with one of my girls.

But it's too much.

Grant and I almost cry every night when we have to think about picking it all up. It sucks. Even if the girls help clean up earlier in the day it's never totally done.

At least their birthdays aren't until the Fall so we will have time to really think about what they will ask for...maybe bowling or movie gift cards...or camp tuition... or art class tuition... we just have to get a handle on this stuff.

Kids need things to play with. Things that belong to them and they can use at their own will. But I feel that when they have too many choices it becomes overwhelming and they don't choose..or they don't take care of their things because they know there is always something else.

So here's what I'm going to do...

Go through all the toys and put whatever I want to get rid of into plastic bags or boxes and store in Grant's truck (sorry's a POD again). Leave them there for a couple weeks and see if the girl's ask for any of it. See if they play with what's left any more.

Why does this feel so terrifying!?


Anonymous said...

We have room in our attic if you need storage space -- we can trade your stuff for the Star Wars toys!
I, too, have emotional attachment to things, keep them because they remind me of a part of my past I'd like to hang on to. I've tried letting go a couple of times, but I always wish I had it back down the road. I guess I'm not good at deciding which things to leave and which to keep. I'm proud of you and your determination to thin out. I know how tiring it can be to keep putting everything away every night. Grandpa and I will be glad to look into different gifts for the girls other than toys, books and clothes. Just let us know.

Anonymous said...

My kids will have only toys! -mel :)

Renee said...

I'm just now reading this (there is so much on my "to do" list that I'm behind on reading blogs) and I can TOTALLY relate! I've been going insane for quite some time with all the clutter in our house. I get so jealous when I go to a friend's house that is so open and spacious and clutter-free. I've always been a packrat and a keeper of sentimental things so I understand your pain and fears of letting go.

I've been taking baby steps or starts & stops for too's time for a complete overhaul. We rearranged and deep cleaned the living room this weekend. It's not finished yet (still piles of my papers and Alisa's art stuff & DVDs to sort through) but it's sooo much better (dusted, vacuumed, furniture rearranged, excess toys removed) and feels sooo much bigger.