Monday, April 18, 2005


There's a 'christian' radio station here in Miami that has this slogan, "Because you care what your kids are listening to"


Are you kidding me?

As if parents who are not christians don't care?

As if all 'secular' music is satanic?

Oh my.

I hate those stupid distinctions. I listen to all the stations with music I like- christian, pop, hard core rock, 80's, classical- whatever.

I wish someone would just create a national radio station that just plays music that is good and pleasing to God. It doesn't have to be 'praise' music. It doesn't even have to say Jesus. Just good stuff.

Thought for the day:
So called 'secular' stations have the grace to play songs from christian bands. But you will never hear a 'secular' song played on a 'christian' station... well unless they are bashing it.

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