Wednesday, April 20, 2005


my mind is in a weird state of staticiness today. i have been at work since about 9:30 but i really can't say anything i've actually accomplished. on monday night i had a paper due and a final exam. then on tuesday morning i had 3 papers due. i didn't sleep for four days. and even though i did get some good sleep last night i am still not functioning properly.

it also doesn't help that my office (well my corner in eric's office) is all packed up just waiting for my new office furniture to get here. what should i be doing? oh, about a million things, but who's counting.

i haven't seen eric sitting down to work today either. we are both just wandering around the campus, back and forth between offices thinking about what kind of pictures to hang in the bathroom and how to arrange our new offices.

we are pretty sure that we are both the same meyers-briggs. interesting. that's probably why we both drive everyone else crazy. when people look at our office in disgust he just tells them that to us it's organized.

i hate feeling anxious all the time. i would say that i feel anxious about 40% of the time. and i can't figure out why. i can't make it go away. mylanta is my best friend.

i think it would really help if we didn't live so far away from the rest of our lives.

and i want to have a baby.

will i ever graduate?

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