Monday, July 18, 2005

religion or science?

While procrastinating the taking of my online midterm this morning I searched around some blogs and came across an interesting post. The question was, Would you rather live in a world without science or religion. You can read the comments here:

What do you think?


Jennifer said...

Hey Em -
I went to that blog. Wow - it's totally a question that isn't asked enough. I left my comments on that site - we'll see what people think of it. Basically - I said we should get rid of "religion." You know me - I can't stand the label "religious." I'm not "religious" - I follow Jesus. Those are two completely different things.

But yeah - if you want to read my schpeal - just go to the site.

See you on the 4th!

ERL said...

hey i found your blog because you left a comment on mine - i have to say that it's been really interesting and mind-opening to read what you've written here. i dont consider myself a religious person at all, but do believe that i am spiritual. the only people who i have come across in my life who have strong faith in jesus are my uncle and my college roommate, both of whom never seem to question their faith. it's really awesome to see that all religious people aren't like that - that some do actually struggle with faith and their ideas. so, basically, thanks.


I reject both worlds:

A world without a religion is a world whose people live on pills and have no meaning in life.
1- They cannot communicate with the Creator (no prayer).
2- They have no reason to be merciful for one another.
3- They take their happiness from material things, flesh, self, which leads to complete spiritual darkness.
4- Their freedom is to do whatever pleases them, which leads to injustice, crimes,...
5- Their love is selfish.
6- If someone is depressed, there is no one who can save them. They have to live on pills.
7- They remain wolves for one another (destructive wars, slavery, etc...

A world without science is a corrupt world, dark world whose people live in continuous conflict.
1- They remain stupid.
2- They take their Scripture literally.
3- They fight other religions.
4- They kill in the name of God.
5- They never understand the Greatness of God.

I want to live in a world where Science & Religion cooperate with one another.
Science will tell me how things were made.
Religion will tell me why things were made.

I need them both.