Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Zola at almost 23 months

On the 16th Zola will be 23 months... I can't believe my daughter is almost 2! A quick status update on my Zola-Girl.

- she knows all of her colors and has been curious about shades so we're introducing lights and darks.

- she recognizes all of her letters. (m and n get confused sometimes)

- she can count to 10 with some assistance

- she knows her left and right feet and hands

- her sentences are getting longer and it is very rare that we don't understand what she's saying. most of the time other people understand her as well. she has a good ear for articulation.

- she has memorized most of her books and loves to check out new books from the library every couple of weeks.

- her favorite activity is doing projects- anything with crafty stuff, painting, glue, glitter, etc. she will do anything if we say we'll do a project afterwards.

- she's still doing great eating different foods and she usually tries everything. she still doesn't like meat, with the only exception being chicken from chik-fil-a. she eats all kinds of fruit and lots of vegetables.

- sleeping is still touch and go. some nights she will sleep all night until 6am or so and other nights she wakes up off and on until she gets in our bed.

- she loves playing with pillows and blankets and making nests. she loves playing with clothes and shoes and she likes to take a purse everywhere.

- she also loves music and has started dance classes- creative movement. it's really fun and she's picked up a lot of new moves and i think it's been helping with her coordination and balance.

- she's still a super snuggly kid and likes to be in my lap or on my hip most of the day. she'll sit on my feet and play while i cook or do the dishes and if i sit down on the couch she is immediately in my lap, usually with a stack of books to read.

- friends are becoming very important to her. she likes to see them regularly and includes them in her prayers and conversations all the time. "rory likes cheetos" "hold alisa's hand" "tickle lillian"- she tells us these things every day. and she has a huge crush on jeff. she blushes when you ask her about him and she loves to hug and kiss him. it's so cute.

i guess that's all for now... i can't wait to see how much more fun she gets as the months go on. :)


Renee said...

"She will do anything if we say we'll do a project afterwards"--so funny! I love that she makes nests with pillows and blankets and that she talks and prays about her friends!

These Crook's said...

Wow I think you have a little genius on your hands!! I can't believe all she knows!! Your a great mommy!!! I hope we get to meet up again sometime!!

Anonymous said...

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