Monday, March 22, 2010

Hat Rack Project

I had been trying to come with an idea for this hat rack for a few years. Grant's mom gave it to me after I turned one into a jewelry organizer for my sister. I didn't need a jewelry organizer but it took me a while to come up with another idea...but I finally firgured it out... the blank wall above the changing table in our downstair's 'everything' room:

Add the hat rack:

Add some pretty silver buckets out the $1 shelves at Target and some ribbon from the $1 section at Michael's that I already had in my collection:

Fill with all the babies' lotions, stain stick, diaper covers, snappis, medicines, etc.:


I love this project. Cheap, easy and helps with organization.


Ashley Bowman said...

SO CUTE!! Love it!!


These Crook's said...

You are way to crafty! when I move can you come decorate for me!cowboyup8

Tara said...

cute and very creative!

Melissa said...

Em, GREAT JOB! :) It looks so cool and is very handy too! You ARE so crafty!!!