Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zola's First Day!

Today was Zola's first day of school! AH! My belly was feeling all topsy-turvy this morning..I thought it was pre-school jitters until I thought about that brownie I had for breakfast, that'll do it.

She was a bit nervous though...who the heck isn't on the first day of school? But she apparently had a blast and has said yes to everything I've asked- Did you play outside? Did you play with the kitchen stuff? Did you make friends? Did you go to the potty? Did you play with the train table? Did you have fun? Lots and lots of fun? Do you want to go back on Thursday?

And she was totally rocking the skirt I made especially for her first day. I was secretly panicing that she wouldn't have a great first day of school outfit (a must-have in my family growing up) but I had purchased this fun strawberry fabric on vacation and was able to whip this up while the girls took simultaneous naps yesterday!

Checking out the note I out in her pocket. It said, "Zola: I love you. XOXO, Mommy" She could read her name and smiled when I told her the rest.

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Anonymous said...

The note in the pocket is absolutely priceless!!! - Aunt Melissa