Monday, September 29, 2008

Thats alota snot. No itsnot. Exactly.

Yesterday was Sunday, the day usually set aside to think about food for the week. But yesterday was also apparently the day for snot. So I ate cinnamon rolls for dinner and my daughter just wiped her nose on my shirt and my jeans and the floor and her blankie and occassionally she'd scream while I wiped her snot on a tissue.

Poor kid. Today her nose is all red and it's still running... where it is going and when it will stop, nobody knows.

Until then.. here's one of our favorite WTF? Zola moments. She has these often.

Grant is almost done with his cold and mine is still towards the beginning I think... sore throat, to be followed by sneezing and snot.

Maybe I'll feel like thinking about food later... hopefully after I wash the dishes that have now breached the counter and moved on to the stove.

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