Sunday, October 26, 2008

11 Months

All of a sudden we have a walking, talking toddler. Zola is walking all over the house, climbing everything and adding new words to her vocabulary every other day. These are the words we understand:

Hi, Mama, Dada, Amen, Book, Ball, Baby, Hey

She's also singing (La La La), saying 'moo' when she sees a cow, and trying to repeat whatever we say. Her third tooth has recently made it's appearance. Teething seems to be getting harder for her with each tooth. This one is on top and it took weeks to break through- including several rough nights and purlpe, blistery gums. It will be really sad if this is what she has to look forward to for the next year.

Things are not slowing down over here travel-wise either- St. George Island, A stop in Pensacola, and 2 weeks in New Orleans. Here are our favorite shots (pumpkin patch photos to follow in another post):

St. George Island, FL

Walking on Pensacola Beach

New Orleans, LA

The view from a hotel room
How Grant and Zola spent the evenings...reading, "Moo, Baa, La La La"

Photo shoot in a cool park downtown

Zola LOVED dancing with the street musicians

Photo shoot in a beautiful courtyard we came across

In the hotel dining room

The Audubon Aquarium - So fun!
Please don't poo on me!
Petting a shark
It's the extremely rare ZolaFish
Happy Birthday Grant! At the Crazy Lobster... After trying a fabulous Hurricane.


Renee said...

Lots of great pics! Looks like so much fun! I want to travel to New Orleans now...I haven't been in like 12 years.

Great Great Aunt said...

Princess Emily, you're developing a wonderful archive of pictures, but I do have one question. Since when have you been willing to get that close to parrots? After all, they're BIRDS!!!

princess granola said...

zola was excited about the birds... is there anything i will not do for that child? :)