Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Wardrobe

Today I told Grant that I am in need in of a new wardrobe. And not because of my post-baby, nursing fluctuated body- but because I am in dire need of a new style.

And I am 100% sure it will be more Granola than Princess.

This is was the final straw:

We went to an outlet mall today... when we go to an outlet mall it usually takes up most of the day and involves hours of walking. So I thought to myself, 'Emily, you should be sensible today.' That was #1.

#2. I wore a black Ann Taylor Loft tee with a cute neckline and flirty short sleeves... Black = no stains and invisible sweat.

#3. I wore a pair of red Ann Taylor Loft capri pants. Not so bad unless you inquire about the many zippered pockets where I kept my phone, credit cards and cash- so I wouldn't have to be bothered with carrying a purse. All I can say to myself at this point is, Thank God I didn't wear a fanny pack.

#4. I wore sensible tennis shoes with socks. No cute flip-flops or sandals for me... No siree. I went all out today. My feet were cooommfffyyy. Yeah.

#5. The mom haircut. Grant assures me that it is normal for all new moms to cut their hair short in the name of convenience and maybe even looking older. He's also hoping that I grow out of this phase quickly and that my hair grows back even quicker. But I do offer one excuse- I did have a very cool short cut and color a few months ago...and my current style can be fully attributed to the 'growing out' phase. Plus, it's actually a good haircut... but a short, bobbed do, coupled with this outfit...well, I'm pretty sure you're getting the picture.

#6. There is no #6. But if there was it would probably involve crumbling tissues in my pockets and granny panties and wiping off my daughter's face with my spit (oh wait...I have done that one).

So in summation- if you have any hippie skirts or funky shirts from your pre-mom days that you have willingly boxed up in favor of comfort and sensibility- please, oh please send them my way.

And in case you haven't seen it, this is what I want for Christmas:

Mom Jeans

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sarah ellis said...

Ha ha ! I laughed sooo hard at this post! I can TOTALLY relate! Its bad enough that our bodies totally morph when we are very pregnant never to quite be the same again- NOW its not that we cant look good we just dont care as much- I mean who has the time or the energy to waste on getting pretty? Not me! It is all about convienience.If I have a moment to myself it will usually be spent napping or sitting on the porch with a glass of wine ( if I'm lucky)Oh- My hair is super short too by the way- I guess it happens to us all